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Friday, August 3rd 2018- by Jennifer Doré Dallas

5 Benefits of Travelling Around the World


Jennifer Doré Dallas Jennifer Doré Dallas, blogueuse

 « Corporate dropout » as a travel blogger and freelance writer, I am passionate about web technologies and the nebulous world of blogs. I am an avid image lover, I like to explore unknown lands, but I always come back to my Quebec. I like to discover and make known! While traveling, I find myself as much in youth hostels as in luxury and I like the sandwiches on the trot caught at the local market that the 5-course meals in famous restaurants. Just like in my job, I am a jack of all trades on the road. I have a penchant for Ziploc bags and hate umbrellas. Objects that I can not separate? My travel diary and my camera. My economic hobby: markets and groceries. My ultimate dream? To have set foot in all the countries of the world!

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I have been travelling the globe solo with my trusty backpack or my off-road suitcase for over 15 years… From my travels around the planet, I brought back much more than handmade souvenirs and beautiful pictures. It is the immaterial aspects of the trip that I recommend to people who still hesitate to take that plunge and go abroad. Here are, in my opinion, the 5 benefits of travelling around the world!

 1) Getting to Know and Surpassing Yourself

When you find yourself on the opposite side of the world you’ve come to know, you’ll only have yourself to rely on. You’ll begin to pay more attention to that little voice inside and to question yourself about your actual desires and dreams because your daily routine no longer boxes you in. You’ll discover new passions, test your limits and even learn to overcome them. The magic of travel is that far from home we trust and push ourselves more and even upon our return, we keep some of these strengths and grow.


2) Meeting Others and Developing Your Openness

In an Embera village of Panama, on a heavenly island of Thailand, with the Serengeti Maasai or even in the city of lights, you’ll meet people who’ll inspire you, will even become your friends and will inspire you to move out of your shell by developing your openness to Others.


3) Discovering Different Culture

What I enjoy most about a trip is realizing that I in fact know nothing at all about life, that everything I take for granted may be totally absurd to someone else! In some countries, you shouldn’t use your right hand to eat, in others you have to take your shoes off the doorstep. In short, each region, each country, each city presents different cultures that are to be discovered in order to question, reevaluate your values, emotions, and understanding of others.

4) Learning New Languages

Whenever I visit a place where I don’t know the local language, I make it a point to learn some local words and phrases. You’d be surprised at the difference in reception when you address people with a thank you, please, hello or goodbye in their dialect! Not only will this effort earn you smiles, but it will foster good discussions and you’ll know new languages that you will practise more each and every trip!


5) Enhance Your 5 Senses

Believe me, the markets of Asia or Africa will have you using all 5 senses! Whether it’s the ambient noise of Vietnam’s streets, the flavours of Indian food or the smells of the Athens fish market, the texture of Iceland’s black sand or the breathtaking landscapes of the Argentinian peaks, you’ll sharpen your senses as you travel. These talents will be just as useful once you go back home!

In addition to all the benefits of travelling around the world, adventure promises you endless memories and magical moments to your measure. Two hours from home or three continents away, you’re bound to be bitten by the travel bug that will never leave you!

Safe travels!

Jennifer Doré Dallas