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Wednesday, June 14th 2017- by Emily Roy  

Defying yoga stereotypes

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Hi everyone! 

Can you smell your vacations yet? The month of June is finally here, school is about to end for a few weeks, therefore I am in a constant rush at work!!! Days fly by so fast, I can't wait to get a little time for myself and relax.. For the moment, I can enjoy my weekends or evenings and find a way to release my stress. After a day at work, I don't necessarily have the energy to go out for a run. That's why I started to do yoga and meditation. At first, I thought yoga was not for me: I'm not lean, I am not that flexible and I have absolutely no balance. That's where I was wrong: yoga IS for every body. 

Do you know Jessamyn Stanley? She is my inspiration behind all this. Her body looks like mine and she is a well known yoga instructor. She has proven that round bodies can bend, twist and practice yoga if they want to. Yoga is like any form of training or sport, you need time and discipline to improve your balance and flexibility. It's not always easy, but with concentration and effort, everybody can do it. You don't start with the scariest yoga poses at first, one thing at a time... Don't push yourself to the extreme on your first try, respect your body's limits. A good yoga instructor will show you a pose and also show you how to adapt it to your level of comfort.

If you are interested, there are even plus size yoga sessions, adapted to full figured customers. These specialized yoga centres are located pretty much everywhere now, so look them up! All you need to bring is comfortable clothing and water. 

What to wear:

Sportive Plus Sabal tank top

This racer back tank top is great for yoga. It's smooth, long enough and the fabric will keep you dry and cool. Available in black or multi print.

Sportive Plus capri Bridge

I love those capris! They are so comfortable and lightweight. Perfect for the everyday life, or a yoga class. They are adjustable on the side of the legs, and the wide elastic band keeps those pants at your waist. Available in black or charcoal.

Emily Roy Emily Roy, blogger & fashionista

Creator of the blog Entre Montréal et New York, Emily Roy is a rising star of the Montreal plus size scene. She is the co-owner of the online boutique Catapulp and a regular of the hottest fashion events. Her trendy style has caught the eye of the medias everywhere; Buzzfeed and Loulou Magazine are big fans! In the summer of 2016, Emily created the Montreal + Fashion Week, the first plus size fashion week available for full figured women in the province and it was a success. The event is now nominated for the 2017 Image/In award.

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