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Wednesday, June 14th 2017- by Emily Roy  

Swim Time

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Hi everybody!

I hope you all had a great week. Today I wanted to open up about an activity that I love to I do every Wednesday night, for the last couple months: Aquafit. It all started with my friend and I, going to the public pool one night. We wanted to go swimming in the shallow end of the pool, but an aquafit group was already taking the space. My friend can't swim in the deep part of the pool, so she has to touch the ground to be comfortable. We decided to go and share the space, but after a moment, the Aquafit coach asked us if we wanted to join them. WHY NOT! So we tried, and we both liked it so much that we officially join the group. 

What I like about this exercise is that it's for everobody. It is done in the shallow part of the pool, so even if you can't swim, you can benefit from this class. We start with 30 minutes of cardio, doing a sequence of small but rapid movements in the water. Then, we move on to reinforce our muscle strenght with a foam dumbells. The resistance it has in the water makes it not so easy  to just, let's say, swing your arms underwater after a while. The class ends up with a ten minutes of stretching. If you have a disability or cannot do a movement, there is always an alternative movement, or a way to adapt it to your capacity. 

What I wore to class

The Longitude Safari Night Double X Back Tank: This one piece swimsuit is so cute. The aztec designs are placed perfectly and gives an illusion of a slimmer waist. Don't forget to rinse your swimsuit right after going to the pool to remove all the chlorine, to keep the colors from fading and to keep the elasticity of your swimwear.

PROS: This swimsuit is great for Aquafit because it hold everything in place. The tummy control lining and the powernet are the key, here. The double X back will also hold your straps on your shoulders during swimming.

Pair it with:

Dotti Cover-Up Gypsy Dance: I love this item. This is purely for the look here, because we don't really need it at the Aquafit class, but it will become handy when we go to a pool party, or to put over your swimsuit to walk on the deck on a cruiseship (my vacations are calling here!!). The tribal design lasercuts are really trendy this summer, so this cover-up is perfect! It is lightweight so you will feel the cool breeze on the beach, while being covered. Available in Black or White.

Ski Tops Breeze Crushable Straw Hat: Again, not necessarily for an indoor aquafit class, but perfect on vacation! Leight weight and crushable, this soft straw hat will take back it's shape as soon as you put it out of your bag. A must! Available in black, mint or taupe.

See you next week!!

Emily Roy Emily Roy, blogger & fashionista

Creator of the blog Entre Montréal et New York, Emily Roy is a rising star of the Montreal plus size scene. She is the co-owner of the online boutique Catapulp and a regular of the hottest fashion events. Her trendy style has caught the eye of the medias everywhere; Buzzfeed and Loulou Magazine are big fans! In the summer of 2016, Emily created the Montreal + Fashion Week, the first plus size fashion week available for full figured women in the province and it was a success. The event is now nominated for the 2017 Image/In award.

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