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Thursday, June 29th 2017- by Emily Roy  

Three Days outside the city

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Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a nice long weekend as I did! School year is finally over, which means my job will be way easier now, or at least for the next couple weeks. When my cousin asked if I wanted to go camping with her last weekend, I said YES instantly! Let's go! Three days outside the city, to wake up with the sound of the birds and eating marshmallows by the camp fire is exactly what I needed.

First I brought my Cherokee pants. If you love hiking or camping, you must own a pair of these pants! They are lightweight, they will keep you cool all day and will protect you from the sun with their aqua-x technology. Not sure if it's going to be a cool or a hot summer day? No problem! You can start the day with long pants, and roll up the legs whenever you feel like it. The straps inside of each leg with the clear button will keep your rolled up pants perfectly in place. Available in color Taupe, Sand, Zinc, Pesto, Stone and Blue.

I wanted to be comfortable, so I brought my favorite Valley t-shirt. I like the bicycle print, and the lenght of this t-shirt. I usually wear it with a pair of jeans, but I was glad I brought it with me on this camping trip. 

You know how cool the air could be in the morning in the woods, it totally contrasts with the comfort of my sleeping bag! I wanted to bring something to keep me warm while eating breakfast, and I found this piece of perfection: my Sportive Plus Polar Fleece! The fabric is so soft! I wore it in the morning AND at night, beside the camp fire. Available in Anthracite, Violet, Navy or Black.

Finally, because the weather channel keep predicting rain every day, I brought with me my Sportive Plus Mistral rain jacket. Do I need to tell you that I wore this one A LOT these past few days? I really like this jacket. Designed to keep you dry when light rain is falling down, the Mistral jacket is lightweight, has an adjustable hood and velcro at the wrists. Available in pretty bright colors like Lagune, Azalee and Blue Jeans.

I hope you all have a beautiful summer! 

See you next week!

Emily Roy Emily Roy, blogger & fashionista

Creator of the blog Entre Montréal et New York, Emily Roy is a rising star of the Montreal plus size scene. She is the co-owner of the online boutique Catapulp and a regular of the hottest fashion events. Her trendy style has caught the eye of the medias everywhere; Buzzfeed and Loulou Magazine are big fans! In the summer of 2016, Emily created the Montreal + Fashion Week, the first plus size fashion week available for full figured women in the province and it was a success. The event is now nominated for the 2017 Image/In award.

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