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Friday, May 5th 2017- by Emily Roy  

New York

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Hi everybody! I just came back from my New York trip, and oh... the fun I had! We left on Saturday morning, and drove from Montreal to Manhattan in about six to seven hours. When we arrived, we left the car near the hotel and we decided to walk or take the subway to get around the city. We were lucky to get some beautiful sunny days, so it was a real pleasure to walk from one place to another. I really like to stay active during my vacation, so I packed consequently. I knew I would need something comfortable, but stylish as well (heh, it's still New York city we are talking about!).

So along my chic dress to go out one night, I also had with me my favorite Yoga jeans. These pants are ankle lenght so I can wear it with a sneaker or with a cute pair of sandals in the summer time.  If you never tried on Yoga jeans, you cannot understand why I love these pants so much. The fabric is made for comfort and flexibility. When you feel the fabric between your hands, you can feel how much stretch they have. You can litterally do Yoga in them. When I got those jeans, I chose the color Royal, but they also come in the color Smoke, Silver, Black or Venice (which is like our usual blue jeans). 

I paired my Yoga jeans with my Sportive Plus Puff tunic in the color Navy (to match my pants). I love that this tunic is long enough to cover my bum, so I don't have to stress out about showing my underwear whenever I want to sit down. This fabric is so light, it's ideal for a heat wave or you can wear it with a light jacket (like I did) on chilly mornings. It's also wrinkle free, so it's a perfect item to pack for vacation.

On Sunday morning, we decided to explore around our hotel in the Financial District. Here are a couple pictures we took.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and I see you again on the blog!


Emily Roy Emily Roy, blogger & fashionista

Creator of the blog Entre Montréal et New YorkEmily Roy is a rising star of the Montreal plus size scene. She is the co-owner of the online boutique Catapulp and a regular of the hottest fashion events. Her trendy style has caught the eye of the medias everywhere; Buzzfeed and Loulou Magazine are big fans! In the summer of 2016, Emily created the Montreal + Fashion Week, the first plus size fashion week available for full figured women in the province and it was a success. The event is now nominated for the 2017 Image/In award.

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