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Wednesday, November 14th 2018- by Jennifer Doré Dallas

5 Awesome tips to travel lighter

Travel light

Jennifer Doré Dallas Jennifer Doré Dallas, blogger

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In the age of airlines charging for every kilo we bring on board, it’s more than ever interesting (and smart) to travel light. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy to pack, whether in a backpack or suitcase, because we travel in different contexts that often require multiple clothes and accessories. Here are 5 tips to help you travel lighter!

Stay Concise. The More Space There Is, the More You’ll Use It!

Before you even fill your suitcase or backpack, examine this “container”. Is it too big for your needs? If so, reduce its size! Not only will you carry baggage that is too big and could be a hindrance to travel, but rest assured that it will be jam-packed, no matter how big it is. Also stay small to avoid just “occupying space” that is not really vital to your trip.

Choose Clothes That Dry Quickly and That Fit Well Together!

Put light, technical or quick-drying fabric in your luggage and you’ll reduce the number of pieces you’ll carry. Let me explain. Wash your clothes in the sink or, as I often do, in the shower with you. Yes, yes, get in the shower with your clothes on, get some suds going on you (it’s better than in your hands), rinse and remove. At the end of your shower, squeeze them as much as possible and hang your clothes up. The next morning, your underwear, shirts and pants will be dry and ready to be worn again the next day.

This technique requires a little work, but it allows to bring 2–3 days of clothes in carry-on luggage instead of a full week (or more) in the hold.

Avoid Duplicates and Useless Stuff

Unsure you’ll use it? Leave it! A tip that I often offer during my conferences is to make a pile of everything you want to bring, and then remove 50% of it before packing your backpack or our suitcase. It seems exaggerated, but I assure you that it reveals true in most cases!

When it comes to USB cables, hats, mittens and jackets of all kinds, avoid duplicates at all costs. If you can use the same object for many things, do it! A good example is a pashmina scarf which can be used as a towel, beach mat, pillow, scarf, headscarf, etc.

Limit Your Pairs of Shoes

What takes up the most space and weight in a suitcase or a backpack is without a doubt shoes. A good pair of walking shoes and flip flops are usually enough. In any case, if you also need to bring your hiking boots or walking sandals, make sure you never exceed the rule of 3 shoes, so 2 pairs in your luggage and 1 under your feet!

Opt for Accessories Instead of Clothing

Goodbye 12 t-shirts and too many kits. Think about bringing one or two cute scarves, headbands, earrings or necklaces. They are lighter, they slip into a corner of your luggage and will make all the difference for your look. Even if you wear the same shirt several times, alternating accessories will make you look totally different for photos and you won’t get tired of wearing the same thing.

A bonus last tip: roll your clothes (it takes up less space) and place them in storage/packing cubes. Thye are magic, you’ll be organized!

With these tips and tricks to lighten your luggage, you can not only reduce the weight you’ll be lugging from accommodation to accommodation and in public transportation, but you can save on your next trips by travelling carry-on, with only cabin luggage. It’s a challenge!

 Have fun packing!


Travel light









 Travel light







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