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Wednesday, October 17th 2018- by Jennifer Doré Dallas

Start at Home: 10 Must-See Places in Quebec


Jennifer Doré Dallas Jennifer Doré Dallas, blogger

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If I were to tell you that tourists most likely know your province better than you do, chances are that you will agree! Indeed, with the exception of weekends at the cottage or camping expedition as a child, we tend to cross the border when the time for holidays comes around. We don’t necessarily explore the regions that surround us!

Having travelled to all corners of Quebec, I am hoping to convince you to explore our province’s regions in greater depth with these 10 must-see, memorable and sometimes unusual places to visit absolutely in Quebec!

1. Encounter Monoliths in the Mingan Archipelago

I visited this location for the first time this fall! The Mingan archipelago in Côte-Nord is a place like nowhere else. Monoliths with particular shapes tower over beaches and within the forest, all in the most varied microclimates. An excursion on several islands is recommended!

2. Relax in the Magdalen Islands

My favourite place in Quebec, the Magdalen Islands leave no one indifferent. Once you have walked along some of the 300 km of beaches, kayaked under its ochre cliffs and met the endearing Madelinots, you’ll only want to return!

3. Sleeping at the Augustinian Monastery of Quebec

Many of us have been to Quebec City time after time, so why not change the formula with a relaxing stay right in the heart of the old city? The Monastère des Augustines welcomes travellers and offers activities such as yoga and meditation, without obligation. A nice way to visit by day and relax by night!

4. Discover Graffineige at the Mauricie National Park

This winter, head for Mauricie and its magnificent national park. Enjoy the frozen lake covered with a new layer of snow and trace a gigantic image on its surface you’re your snowshoes. Admire thereafter your work from a nearby summit!

5. Go on a Microbrewery Tour of the Province

Quebec rhymes with agritourism! Microbrewers are in vogue all over the world and our province has made a name for itself. Visit the many broueries, brouepubs, brasseries and microbrewers from all regions to discover the territory through your taste buds!

6. Greet the Pack at Omega Park

Enjoy a unique experience in the Outaouais by sleeping in a cottage with large windows located in the heart of a pack of wolves. From your bed, you will have all the time in the world to admire their daily life without disturbing them!

7. Enjoy the Festivities at the Village québécois d'antan

Delving in our history is easy at the Village québécois d'antan within Centre-du-Québec. I recommend that you plan your visit during the seasonal celebrations that are held here: Halloween’s haunted village, Christmas festivities, etc.

8. Dreaming in a Bubble at Village Windigo

In the Hautes-Laurentides, the Windigo Village welcomes you for an unforgettable night: sleep in a transparent bubble surrounded by nature. From your bed, you will admire the bright stars of this part of the province!

9. Descend Underground at the Cité de l'Or

A not-to-be-missed attraction in Val-d'Or and Abitibi-Témiscamingue is the Cité de l'Or, which allows you to descend underground into a mine to retrace the footsteps of the men who once worked in it. An immersive experience that I loved!

10. Become an Apprentice Archaeologist in Témiscouata

At Lac-Témiscouata National Park, visitors can take part in an original archaeology activity. Not only will you contribute to an actual dig, not one staged for tourists, but, if you are as lucky as I was, you could find arrowheads or tools created by Aboriginal people that will remain in the archives forever!

Come on, go for it! You won’t regret your next stay in Quebec, be it in summer, fall, spring or winter, because the province really has something to charm all travellers. It rivals the most renowned travel destinations in the world!

If I convinced you thanks to these 10 must-see attractions, know that you’ll also find around them countless great spots to visit, gourmet destinations, colourful activities and original accommodations to create a trip that will exceed your expectations!

Have a nice trip within Quebec!