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Friday, August 25th 2017- by Emily Roy


Go for a ride!


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 Hello ladies!

This week I dusted off my bicycle and went for a ride. I used to live in Chateauguay, which is about 25 minutes from Montreal. Back there, we lived on a pretty suburban street, surrounded by families and great neighbors. Regularly, my mom an I would get our bikes and go for a ride after dinner. We could ride and talk for maybe an hour and a half each summer night. I really enjoyed it. 

 Now that I'm in Montreal, my bike is stored in the shed and I mostly walk or take my car to get somewhere. Maybe it's because I used to ride on wide streets without car driving so close to you, but I'm not really comfortable going on a bike ride in my neighborhood anymore. BUT!! As I said, I dusted off my bicycle this week and went to the Maisonneuve park.

 I wanted to be comfortable, so I traded my jeans or capri for my skort and a cycling jersey.

 My flare skort padded by Terry is made especially for cycling. I love the large waistband that stays in place when you move, and the smooth lycra fabric. It also has a small (almost invisible)  zip pocket perfect for your keys.

 If you never worn a cycling jersey, you are missing something. This Conviction sleeveless cycling jersey is a must for everyone. This one is made of high performance, anti-bacterial fabric that breathes and allows to wick moisture away to keep you dry during your activity. On the plus side, there is an elastic pouch at the back, where you can store your wallet, keys, and an energy bar. This is genius.

So tonight after dinner, why don't you get your bicycle and go for a ride with a friend, the kids or your significant other?

 Have a great week!




Emily Roy

Emily Roy, blogger & fashionista

Creator of the blog Entre Montréal et New York, Emily Roy is a rising star of the Montreal plus size scene. She is the co-owner of the online boutique Catapulp and a regular of the hottest fashion events. Her trendy style has caught the eye of the medias everywhere; Buzzfeed and Loulou Magazine are big fans! In the summer of 2016, Emily created the Montreal + Fashion Week, the first plus size fashion week available for full figured women in the province and it was a success. The event is now nominated for the 2017 Image/In award.

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