Gift ideas! Our 10 suggestions under $45

10 gift ideas! 

Looking for gift ideas to spoil yourself or the loved one you adore?
That's good ! Our team has concocted a brand new blog for you with 10 gift ideas for small budgets under $45!
Find the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Reusable Hand Warmers

A great innovation made in Quebec to have in your bag for all winter sports. A simple click of the inner disc releases the heat. A great alternative to disposable hand warmers. Reusable a hundred times. $19.99

Helsinki Beanie

Helsinki Fannie Beanie with Hole for the ponytail from Otherwise and Then. We particularly like the print with the little dog footprints. For dog lovers $ 31.99

Smartwool Patch Beanie

Beanie Patch
from Smartwool for the love of merino wool and a younger, cleaner look. $44.99
Available in Charcoal Black, Dark Cherry or Twilight Blue.

Reversible wool headband

Reversible headband in Merino 250 wool from Smartwool. We love wool because it stays comfortable and warm even when wet $29.99 .
Available in Charcoal Black, Dark Cherry or Twilight Blue.

Comfort Shell™ tube

Tube Comfort Shell™ Totally Tubular™ by Turtle Fur. We love the practical and multifunctional side of the neck tubes. Athletes collect them! $30.99
Available in a multitude of colors

Lined fleece gloves

Columbia Fire Side™ sherpa-lined fleece gloves because we love softness in cold weather. We love them in all colors. $39.99
Available in Shark Grey, Chalk White, Berry Red and Wine Red

Smartwool “Hike Light Cushion” Stockings

Smartwool “Hike Light Cushion” socks. Outdoor enthusiasts love socks made from merino wool because they keep us warm and cool 12 months a year. Whether for a small or a big adventure, they are very comfortable given their excellent antibacterial and anti-odor properties and their ability to trap moisture in the feet, which helps prevent blisters. $28.99
Available in charcoal, pale gray or twilight blue

Sockwell Choose Socks

Sockwell Choose socks. We choose love, harmony, joy and peace! A beautiful little gift and wish that warms the soul of the loved one $24.99
Available in pink(Love), orange(Joy), blue(Peace) and green(Harmony)

Warming Effect Cream for Cold Feet


Warming Effect Cream for Cold Feet 75ML or Akilhiver Anti-Cold Shield Cream 100ML
of the Akileïne company. Small potty comfort! We can no longer do without it. A soft and pleasant sensation of warmth for the feet and protection for the face, nose and ears that we appreciate in very cold weather. $23.99-$24.99

Arena Smart Plus Towel


Arena Smart Plus Towel. The perfect towel to carry around in your sports bag and also when travelling. Given its light weight, it is surprisingly absorbent and absolutely compact despite its large format. We love it, it's really smart, this towel designed for the pool! $44.99
Available in pink, grey, navy and blue