Who are we?


Sportive Plusis recognized as both a manufacturer (house brands) and retailer (other brands), specializing in the manufacture and sale of plus size clothing, which empowers the woman(accomplished and confident), the right toassert oneself(body and mind) as one sees fit (strong and independent ).

Sportive Plus offers its customers a vast selection of comfortable and quality sports clothing in larger sizes which allow them to finally practice the sports of their choice with friends and thus enjoy feel good about themselves.

Sportive Plus offers choice in plus size clothing that fits and feels good for the woman who has the right to be who she wants, strong , independent and inspiring!

Sportive Plus manufactures and distributes plus size products made specifically for active women.

At Sportive Plus

  • Women can dress like everyone else, have choice and quality!   
  • The woman finds a partner and a source of inspiration.
  • We help women to dress the way they want to move and live fully
  • We give ourselves the right to play sports!

    At Sportive Plus, we claim the right of women to express themselves freely, to do what they want and to dress how they want!

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