Discover Anabelle Guay and La Grande Traversée

Sportive Plus , since its very beginnings, has put at the center of its identity the idea that everyone, no matter their size or shape, should have access to comfortable and stylish clothing that makes them feel confident and good about themselves. We want to offer all women the opportunity to express themselves and to develop fully: mentally, physically, sportingly.

This is why we are so proud to partner with Anabelle Guay, an exceptional athlete who is also a strong advocate for body diversity and inclusion in sport. With her inspiring journey and her commitment to representing all body types in the sports industry, Anabelle is a true inspiration to all women looking to push themselves and assert themselves in their bodies. As a body diversity activist, Anabelle strives to deconstruct the stereotypes and prejudices that continue to persist in the sports industry and society at large. She strongly believes that sport should be accessible to everyone, regardless of size or shape.

Already next month, Anabelle will begin her next adventure, La Grande Traversée of course, largely due to her go-getter spirit, but also with the aim of spreading her message of openness to body diversity. Indeed, she will leave her place of residence in St-Denis-de-Brompton to begin her expedition organized in the form of a “reinvented triathlon”. Her journey will therefore consist of more than half a thousand kilometers of cycling to Mont-Albert, followed by 250 kilometers of walking, then finally 250 km of rowing, in a particularly difficult section of the Atlantic to navigate, to finally get to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

We are extremely proud to have the chance and the honor to support Anabelle in her great adventure. We are confident that her achievement will inspire many women to surpass themselves and challenge themselves to achieve things they never thought possible before.

At Sportive Plus , we believe that sport is a source of joy, health and self-confidence. We want every woman, no matter their size or shape, to be able to feel beautiful, strong, and confident in their activewear, and to be able to focus on experiencing the sport rather than being prejudiced against their body. That's why we're so happy to partner with Anabelle, who shares our values ​​and our vision of a world where body diversity is celebrated and encouraged.

We can't wait to follow her journey and see where her passion, dedication and spirit of adventure will take her next. We have no doubt that her message for body diversity will continue to spread across Quebec and around the world, inspiring women to accept and love themselves as they are, as well as to find the strength to achieve their dreams, no matter their size and shape.

Follow Anabelle's adventure here: The Great Crossing - Adventure Challenge by Anabelle Guay