5 ways to learn to love exercise!

Some people naturally enjoy exercise. The feeling of their body sweating, the intense breathing, the physical rush and the endorphin rush…they just love it. However, I'd like to open a dialogue for those who don't like physical activity—actually, those who hate exercise. Over the years, I've worked with women of all shapes and sizes. , and I managed to transform the most reluctant into real addicts to physical activity. That said, going from “I hate exercise” to “I love exercise” takes work. It all starts with finding your physical and mental motivations and identifying the blocks and obstacles from the past that have created this negativity in the face of physical exercise. Motivation is hard work and too often we use it as an excuse, such as "I'm just not motivated" or "I hate exercise". When I hear one of these phrases, I know there is something deeper behind it. Just explore it.