From running to walking

I have been running for a long time, every week and often every day. It's also been several years that I have to start, start again and follow a plan to run more, longer, longer distances or to get back into it because I had to stop running for X period.

In short, I am not a racing champion. On the other hand, I am a champion of perseverance. I resume the race. And I repeat again and again from the beginning this progression plan from walking to running.

A plan to progress slowly, but surely towards continuous running. With each injury, fall, end of the season, in other words, each time running training ends, then you have to go gently for the recovery.

"How's your running progress? is a question that I am asked very frequently. The truth is that I run when I'm at my best, the rest of the time I'm improving otherwise it's a sure injury for me.

Running is a very special sport because it demands a lot from our body. Our body needs to be used to the stress of impact on our bones, muscles, ligaments, etc. You have to go gradually. And after a few weeks you think back to those days when getting dressed and putting on your “running shoes” took LONGER than the short minutes prescribed for running.

We think back to this happiness of running with flexibility and strength. And we finally succeed with perseverance to propel ourselves forward with ease! It's an amazing feeling!!! .

I would like to give you this gift of sharing this program with you! A gift that I hope will do you as much good as it does me!

It was designed by the excellent “coach” Anastasia Polito. Do not hesitate to follow it and to go there gently, in progress, while remaining attentive to your body. You can even take as long as you want to increase the volume. You can repeat the same workout over and over if it's too difficult. The most important thing is the happiness you derive from it day after day and the satisfaction of fulfilling yourself, of expressing yourself through physical activity.

I wish you a BEAUTIFUL and very ENJOYABLE walking-running activity.

Do not hesitate to give us your appreciation or to ask your questions. It is always a pleasure to listen to you or to read you.

Catherine Claude, owner of Sportive Plus