Hit the slopes with Sportive Plus

Hit the slopes with Sportive Plus

Louise Green, Coach, Author, Activist and Athlete

Louise Green is a world-class fitness trainer, activist and author, changing the narrative and idealistic norms of our fitness culture.

Her fitness career began in 2008 when she opened the first plus size fitness franchise, Body Exchange.

As an influential changemaker, Louise has helped thousands of plus size women find their inner athlete and love their bodies. By speaking, writing and coaching women online, she led the charge in creating a more inclusive fitness movement across the world.

Breaking the barriers of traditional fitness, Louise is the first plus size athlete to be featured in prestigious publications such as Triathlete Magazine, Bicycling Magazine, Canadian Running and Runner's World UK.

Louise is the author of Big Fit Girl and a SELF Columnist.

As a ski enthusiast, I like to share my interest with others. Skiing is such a rewarding sport for me, but unfortunately I hear too often from women who have given up. This sport is now part of their past…. 'I used to ski when I was thinner or younger…' 'I used to ski before I had the kids.' Besides its usual reasons, there are also practical things that make people give up skiing: finding the right equipment. This big problem is real, but now there is hope!

Here are some ways to get back on the slopes, whatever your size, age or ability - There's no longer any reason for skiing to be part of your past.

This lack of representative images in our culture is problematic because it creates fear and intimidation about fitness and also exudes an element of the unknown.

Find the right ski clothing

I often get asked where plus size women can find functional and fashionable ski wear. I recently discovered Sportive Plus and believe in their skiwear more than any other brand for plus size women! Until recently, I resorted to men's ski pants that I had to shorten. Not only was it expensive, but they never favored me. I will never go back to these pants again! Sportive Plus pants are functional and made with high quality fabrics. They are flexible for the movements required and they look great! Plus, I give them bonus points because they're produced in Canada!

Learn to get up

Many women say they don't know how to get up if they fall. Which is quite understandable, because it can sometimes be a real feat. Do not hesitate to ask your ski partner for a hand to point your skis horizontally on the slope. If not, take the skis off, get up and start again! With the right equipment, this compelling part of skiing can be made easier. There's nothing worse than trying to wear restrictive pants or jackets that limit your range of motion.

Plan ahead

If you return to skiing after a while, make sure you know the trail grading system: green circle for easiest trails, blue square for more advanced, black diamond for difficult, double diamond for extremely difficult and orange oval for snowboarding. Get a map of the mountain and study it before setting off, choosing the slopes best suited to your level. Unfortunately, I have already been caught on too difficult tracks and it made my day stressful. More difficult terrain can be done gradually.

Exercise for your ski trips

Skiing can be quite demanding on the quadriceps. You will probably have a burning sensation during the first days of the season. This situation always happens to me and I consider it a break-in period. If you're like me, you'll need to take regular breaks and give your legs a rest. For the first days of the season, consider buying a half-day ticket. Building the quadriceps will help condition your legs for the requested activity. Exercises that can also help you are squats and lunges. For squats: 3 seconds for the descent and 1 second for the recovery.

Ski with like-minded partners

Skiing with friends and family can be great fun, but not if everyone is descending at a breakneck pace in front of you and you're having a hard time keeping up with them. Find partners who share your skills and you will have a day of pure pleasure!

If your body has changed, you've had kids, you're feeling too busy, or you've just given up skiing over the years, you can make a comeback this season just by dressing up and going out. out. Like Sportive Plus, companies today empower women of all shapes and sizes to achieve their athletic dreams with the body they have. Don't hesitate… Check your gear and get out there! You can do it!