The ultimate list of travel essentials

For those who have read my blog on cross-country skiing ( ), you will have understood that sometimes the anxiety takes over the rational part of my brain. To simplify my life and help me go serene during adventures, I made myself lists of essentials that serve as a basis for my luggage, my camping equipment, my sports equipment, etc.

Over the past year, I've perfected my list of travel essentials. These are the few items that make up a suitcase base that allows me to tackle just about any adventure. I thought that this list could probably be useful for some of you who, like me, want to travel lighter without giving up their comfort and without depriving themselves too much. Without further ado, here is my list of 10 travel essentials that I hope you can take inspiration from for your own adventures:

  1. The performance waterproof-breathable coat SEALED JIII by Sportive Plus ( ): a classic to stay dry. I love the zips under the arms which allow excellent ventilation during my activities and its mesh lining which prevents the usually unpleasant feeling of the coating sticking to the skin
  2. The Outdoor Research Echo Hoodie, ( ): I have nothing other than admiration for this long-sleeved sweater. It is very light, it offers sun protection and, in combination with the waterproof-breathable, it prevents that feeling of sticky humidity on the skin in an almost magical way.
  3. My hiking pant of choice: the Explore from Sportive Plus. ( ): These pants are just as good for forest hiking as urban tourist exploration with their stretchy fabric and anti-bacterial properties that prevent odors. Its composition allows it to wick away moisture and dry very quickly. I can wear it for a hike, quickly hand wash it with Granger's Active Wash Soap, and dry it overnight to put it back on the next day for a ride around town.
  4. Exofficio's Give-N-Go briefs, ( ): These are the briefs we should all have, with their anti-odor treatment , the mesh fabric that really keeps us dry and its flat seams that prevent chafing. Personally, I like having three pairs for any length of trip, whether I'm leaving for a weekend or a month. They dry so quickly that I can wash them in the hotel sink and after a few hours they are already dry.
  5. The Sportive Plus Chatel performance t-shirt ( ): This is my ultimate short-sleeved t-shirt. It is perfect for going from hiking to aperitif. Its slightly thicker fabric gives it a little more body than a training shirt, while having superior moisture management and excellent breathability.
  6. The Mini-Boot Hike socks by Smartwool ( ): Another classic! Made of merino wool, this pair of socks has antibacterial properties that allow us to wear them more than once between each wash. The height of this sock, which falls just above the ankle, is in my opinion perfect; long enough to wear with a hiking boot, but high enough to hug my calves.
  7. The Nita II jacket from Sportive Plus ( ): This little jacket in soft poly/spandex brushed on the inside is perfect for wearing under the waterproof-breathable in colder weather without bulking up my luggage.
  8. The Green Tchi dress from Sportive Plus ( ). Although designed as a golf dress, I appreciate the lightness of its polyester fabric and its princess cut which flatters my figure. Its slightly dressier look allows me to wear it for evenings while its technical fabric allows me to go on an adventure when it's hot and I know I can't stand pants.
  9. The plus size Merino t-shirt from Smartwool. . Finally this season Smartwool offers us their merino t-shirt in plus size!!! We remember the merino wool socks and well it's the same thing, which allows us to simply hang it up in the evening and then put it back the next morning. For those worried about overheating, don't worry, this t-shirt is made from a jersey fabric which is a blend of wool, merino and nylon, giving us a very lightweight product. It's perfect for warmer weather and excellent as a base layer for colder weather.
  10. Finally, the previously mentioned Granger's Active Wash soap ( ) which is ideal for synthetic and merino wool garments, both for washes machine than by hand and even in cold water.

This small list of essentials obviously does not cover the requirements for all my adventures. I allow myself to decorate it according to the planned activities. I hope it can inspire you to plan your own travels and adventures. For my part, the preparation of my bag is much more advanced than the very planning of my trip. I therefore invite you to share your recommendations with me in the comments on your favorite adventure destinations in Europe or elsewhere.

To the next adventure!